In the fall of 1973, we purchased our first Limousin steer calves for the Wisconsin State Fair.  After witnessing firsthand the muscle, growth, and efficiency of those calves, we’ve been breeding Limousin ever since.

Since then, we’ve exhibited champion livestock on various stages, from the county to national level. Our herd has been primarily Limousin, although we’ve dabbled with Maine Anjou, Angus, and Simmental-cross cows years ago, breeding them to Limousin bulls.

Now, we breed exclusively Limousin. A select group of AI bulls forms the core of our breeding program. Our goal is to produce the most complete beef creature possible. We want our bulls stout – with butts, guts, and nuts; our females to be structurally sound, soggy-middled, neatly-lined, and wean a heavy calf.

Today, our family includes Wayne and Christine, along with children Andy, Elizabeth, and Ryan. Our home farm is nearby the St. Croix River, in close proximity to Osceola. We moved to our current location in the summer of 1999. During this summer, we also began selling frozen beef to local customers under the label, Natural Peterson Limousin Beef.

Our antibiotic and growth hormone-free cattle are custom harvested at a nearby locker plant. We began this beef program with the intent on creating greater value for our beef customers. Today, our intent has become a realization. The feedback received from our customers is encouraging. Families love the savory taste and tenderness of Limousin beef while taking comfort in knowing the animal was raised locally and humanely.

Our enthusiasm has never been greater for the Limousin breed of cattle we adopted over 30 years ago!  We welcome you to share with us your own enthusiasm for the beef industry, Limousin breed, Natural Peterson Limousin Beef, or whatever it might be! Because there’s one thing we forgot to mention – the greatest thing we love about doing what we do is the friendships formed with all of the wonderful people we have met over the years. Please – stop by, drop an email, phone call, letter, whatever… we’d love to hear from you!